Pricilla NavaPriscilla Nava entered two photos that she took during her study abroad experience in Sevilla, Spain the spring semester of 2015

“The Study Abroad Photo Contest is an annual event celebrating the experiences our students had while studying abroad. The diversity of our programs and locations are represented through photos submitted for the contest,” said Mitchell Lawson, Director of Study Abroad and International Center Associate at SMUMN.

The SMUMN students have the opportunity to submit up to three photos of the locations that they visited during their semester abroad. “I submitted three photos one was the Blue City Market in Chef Chaouwen, Morocco; the second one was Camino del Puente Nuevo from Ronda, Spain; and the third was a view from the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.”

“One of the main reasons I entered this contest was because I wanted to share my life changing experience. I took a lot of photos from my trip to Europe and picking them for the photo contest has made me reminisce about my experience,” said Priscilla.

Priscilla, recommends students to take the opportunity to study abroad. “Studying abroad during my spring semester was spectacular. For those students who have the chance to study abroad, just being outside of your comfort zone, learning about and in new cultures, the scenery, and how people interact with others is breath-taking.”

Blue Market

Blue Market


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