cruz-corderostephanieWhen Stephanie arrived at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota (SMUMN) she learned to balance an 18-credit workload, while also maintaining positive and steady relationships to keep her grounded. “My experience has been full of ups and downs, but overall an unforgettable experience.” “I am a fairly happy person when I am on campus, I have great professors and an even greater group of friends who I cherish greatly,” said Stephanie.

Stephanie is a Marketing major, ” I chose marketing because I love the idea of consumer behavior trends and what motivates people to choose different brands over another. I am also interested in the concepts behind promoting and selling.”

For Stephanie, one thing she is looking forward to is working in the advertisement industry. Initially she would like to gain experience in any industry- food, cosmetics, clothing, etc. Her dream job is a marketing position with the Dallas based full-service independent marketing and communications agency Moroch.  According to Stephanie, “Moroch is a well-recognized company that has worked with top named companies, their presence is nationally well-known.”

The First Generation Initiative (FGI) program has impacted numerous students, for Stephanie it encourages her to go beyond the walls of the FGI office and continue to grow once she graduates this May. “FGI was the foundation throughout my four-year experience her at SMUMN, it helped me grow both socially and academically. I think it is important for the FGI scholars to have a place where they can get an education in a safe and comfortable environment, like SMUMN, and have the support system since students do not have the same resources as other college students on campus.” The impact FGI makes students  at this campus is an eye-opener for Stephanie. Since some students  do not realize the limitations of being a college student who is the first in their family to attend a four-year university.

Stephanie gives thanks to the benefactors for all their contributions to FGI,  “There will never be enough thank yous to suffice my enormous gratitude of their gift, an opportunity to continue to grow intellectually and by fulfilling my dreams at SMUMN. The number of minorities graduating from college is less than twenty-percent. Benefactors are breaking the stereotype by making the FGI scholars become the change of that statistic.”

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