Back in 2010 Saint Mary’s C2C curriculum was designed by asking: “What is it that college freshman need to know?” From there, Saint Mary’s faculty and C2C staff designed a four-summer academic boot camp that focuses the first two years on reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar, and math. The last two years features a science immersion class supported by classes in statistics, writing for college, and scientific reading. Classes are team-taught by Saint Mary’s instructors and teachers from the students’ home schools, and feature groups of 6-12 students per class.

The success of this curriculum is evidenced by the reading comprehension, reading rate, spelling, and vocabulary gains of the first two graduating classes. These percentile gains are truly impressive, given that students would have to make four years of academic progress to score at the same percentile. Percentile rank gains of 15 to 22 percentile points are virtually unheard of in educational research, and a tribute to the dedication of their instructors and the hard work of the students, who are in class or study hall from 8:30 in the morning until 8:00 at night, with brief breaks for afternoon recreation and meals.

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