Summer 2011 featured a lot of red (first-year) and black (second-year) t-shirts on campus as our first cohort of 23 returned for their second summer and we welcomed 24 new campers and their parents. Eight SMU instructors—Joe Tadie, Kristen Sellke, Molly Lohnes, Cory Hanson, Greg Gaut, Janet Willis, Melissa Shields, and Judi Becker—co-taught with teachers from our partner middle schools in Chicago and Milwaukee. During follow-up visits to the students’ home high schools, Edith and Jane frequently heard comments about how the summer had given them an advanced start on their courses. Administrators at San Miguel High School Tucson spoke about how their four C2C students were positively influencing their peers through their stories of what it’s like to go to college each summer.

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